Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re-learning how my body works…

I’ve decided to start a little experiment. I want to see if a change in what I eat or drink really does have an impact on my body. I didn’t have any water today and I’m going to refrain from water at least one more day. I want to take note of how my body is feeling. I want to see if my back hurts more, or my joints, or my eyes, or.. whatever. I want to see if my digestion changes or if my body even notices the difference whatsoever.

I think this is important because by noting anything that feels different I can make the connection between that pain or change and the amount of water I do or don’t drink. This will help me later when I attempt to figure out why something is or isn’t happening. For example, if I know that the lack of water consumption for two days causes my elbows to hurt more then I know that water is doing it’s job of lubricating my joints like I’ve read in articles about joint health. This will help me determine if I need to increase my intake of water later on when my elbows hurt.

I’ve said before that I think we should all know our bodies so that we can help doctors understand how we work before, during, or after we are hurt or ill. This is another way for me to have a better understanding of how my body uses the things I eat and drink.

Today was a good day. I laughed with my sister and nephew and then went home and laughed some more. I hope tomorrow is even better.

Pounds lost: 17.1 (371.9)
Daily insight: Knowing what makes you work will help you keep things working the best way they can.
Ounces of water consumed: 0
Steps in the right direction: 78

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