Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Riding along with the wind in my hair…

There’s just something delightful about riding along with the wind making your hair dance behind you. I went for a ride today and as I pedaled along I found myself smiling and saying hello to everyone that I passed along the way. Smiling and saying hello isn’t anything new for me, but today the smiles in return seemed brighter. I love it when people are cheerful. And I know from experience that a smile is contagious and will brighten your day.

When I made it back home my good mood continued and I found myself making up songs as I moved around the house. Nonsense songs that would have only made sense to me if someone overheard me. I sang to the puppy, to the dishes, and even to the computer screen. I decided that my smile today stemmed from the song I had in my heart. I think having a song in your heart is important. Even if it’s a stereotypical down on your luck country song. With a song in your heart you can change your mood just by changing the lyrics.

The next time you are in a bad mood, try singing a silly song to yourself.. one that makes you laugh.. and see how long you can keep yourself in a bad mood. I bet it won’t be for very long.

The diet got thrown off balance today because of an unexpected trip to Sonoma to help a neighbor get both her husband (who couldn’t drive because his diabetes was messing with his vision) and her car home. But the water intake was good and I still have a song in my heart. Not to shabby! :D

Pounds lost: 12.1 (376.9)
Daily insight: Smiles are contagious!
Ounces of water consumed: 64
Steps in the right direction: 93

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