Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday is here again…

Well, it’s raining here in Northern California and while rain in winter isn’t unusual, the amount of rain we’re getting is. My home has a flat roof so I really hear the rain when it’s pounding out a tempo above my head. It’s been coming down so hard that it’s been like a constant drone in the background. My puppy doesn’t want to go out in it to take care of her business and I feel like her mean human when I insist she does. She gets me back, though, by making sure to shake off the icy cold rainwater as close to my legs as possible. Hehehe.

I’m in the middle of a project for my business that’s been making me scratch my head. I think I’m getting a bald spot. But I hope to have it finished by the end of this weekend. If only the rain would let up long enough for me to go get a drill from my Dad. Of course, while I’m there I’m hoping to commander the miter saw to make some of the cuts I need so I won’t have to use the jigsaw to do it. :D

I’m taking on another freelance job too and I hope I’m not repeating past mistakes and getting in over my head. Thankfully, since I’ve quit doing any other work through that website I don’t have a full plate. That should make it easier for me to complete the job.

Today was weigh in day.. insert sarcastic yay here.. and even though I’ve been riding my trike every day that it’s been sunny I didn’t lose any weight. Well, ok.. I lost .2lbs, but that is barely worth counting. I know why I didn’t lose weight and it has me mad at myself. I’ve been EATING. And I mean, not good stuff. I’ve also uncorked the IV and have been ingesting Pepsi. SIGH. I know why I’ve been doing that too. Comfort food/drink. Reality is staring me in the eye and I’m scared of where it will lead. No job, no income.. how long can I hold out with just my faith before I’m scrambling to find a place to stash my stuff while I’m homeless. This isn’t supposed to be happening. I think my fear of the future is allowing me to eat poorly because my brain is saying.. better get it now before there’s no chance of getting it again.

It’s a defeatist attitude and I don’t like it. I need to keep faith and keep moving forward down the path I’m on. Good things will come.. they must be just ahead. I only need to keep my eyes open for them.

Pounds lost: 15.5 (373.3)
Daily insight: Tomorrow might be the answer to everything.
Ounces of water consumed: 0
Steps in the right direction: 101


  1. You might want to consider measuring instead of weighing. As women our bodies are so very often in flux that measuring weight more often than not leaves us discouraged, not to mention muscle weighing more than body fat. I found measuring myself once a week really reflected the effort I made.

  2. Hi Steph.. we did both when I was working with Curves to lose weight and it did seem to help to see the inches melt away along with the weight. I considered doing that again this time but some of the areas to measure aren't within my ability at the moment. Hehehe. But that shouldn't stop me from doing things that I can reach. You're right, I should measure myself once a week.
    Thanks Steph!
    -Blessings, Honey