Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Cheer…

This weekend I was able to get out and decorate the front of my home with cheerful color strings of lights and a wonderful string of stars that light up on blue, red, and green. A couple of my neighbors stopped by to talk to me while I was doing it and made suggestions and comments that would always lead to a smile or a laugh. I light making my house look like a gingerbread house, outlined in lights that make me think of candy when they are on and it’s dark outside.

Tonight I was able to go and see my sister and my nephew. It was a wonderful escape from my house and when I was there I talked my sister into coming back to my place to get some of her holiday decorations. It’s a chore for her to go through the stuff she has stored here but I knew the reward would be well worth it. She went through her bins and found some things to reminisce about. On the way back home we stopped off so I could pick up something at a local big box store and then chatted and laughed all the way back to her place.

Later, after I was back home I received a text message picture of my nephew in front of their tree. I loved it! My sister said he had been singing holiday songs since they began decorating the tree. Holiday cheer has infested their home. LOL Wonderful!

I realized today that I hadn’t begun making the Yule gifts I’m giving out this year. Fie! I’ve been so caught up with freelancing that I haven’t been paying attention to the calendar. I have the pattern for what I want to make and ideas about most of it. I need to start cutting and preparing this coming week.

I also realized that I hadn’t addressed or filled out my Yule cards. This is sooo typically me. LOL I make big plans and then realize I’m behind and have to hurry. So, I figure while I’m sitting at the desk tomorrow staring at blank pages in Word I’ll be working on Yule cards while working on my assigned writing. We’ll see how that works out!

Pounds lost: 12.5 (376.5)
Daily insight: It’s only too late to start something if it was due yesterday.
Ounces of water consumed: 64
Steps in the right direction: 43

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