Monday, December 6, 2010

The small things in life…

Yesterday was the “Not Thanksgiving” Thanksgiving party at my parent’s house. It was wonderful! I love being able to spend time with my family and yesterday was a great example of a good time. The food was amazing (Oooh, the twice baked potatoes were insanely nummy!) and I was surprised into laughter with a gift. I was handed a tin placard that had Glenda from the Wizard of Oz on it. The catch phrase printed across her picture read, “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

It made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. It was a wonderful (priceless) gift that I treasure! I’m going to put it up here in my office so every time I see it I will grin or laugh or both. It’s really the small things in life that matter. They become the focus of memories that make you feel the same joy you did when they first happened.

Today I went back to work on my freelance jobs and had a very busy day. I’m really enjoying the work I’m getting to do and all of the research that leads up to the end product. Today my articles were centered on different types of meditation.

One of the forms of meditation I researched is called Sufi Whirling. Have you ever seen a Whirling Dervish? This is the type of meditation that they perform when whirling. I was fascinated about the logic used in the meditation. For example, when you spin without stepping out to far you stay in nearly the same place.. this draws in your center of gravity so that your center stays in one place even though your body is in motion. It reminded me of the point you see at the end of a water funnel. A finite point within the chaos of motion.

They believe that the energy created in the whirling that is focused on your center opens up your natural spiritual self so that you can communicate with the divine.

I like the thought of this because I remember very clearly twirling as a child until I fell down dizzy and ecstatic on the ground with my arms thrown out staring up into the bright blue sky. I would laugh and get up to do it again. There was bliss to be found in my childish twirling. Doing it with a intent and focus could very well be the way to throw the doors open to speaking with the divine consciousness.

I believe that meditation is often used as a form of prayer. Prayer, by definition, is spiritual communication with God/Goddess. Therefore meditation is an excellent way to focus your intent on communication. In the pagan belief everything we do should be done with intent, most especially our spell craft. So meditation will be a valuable tool in focusing our intent in our every day life.

Balance is something I’ve talked about before when I mentioned balancing the elements within yourself. Having too much fire could get you into trouble when emotions are concerned, for example. Balance is important in as many aspects of your life as possible.

When you meditate you achieve a balance within your body as well as your spiritual self. With balance in your life you look at the world differently and in a more positive way.

Pounds lost: 12.5 (376.5)
Daily insight: Enrich your life through the thoughtful use of intent.
Ounces of water consumed: 64
Steps in the right direction: 37

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