Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss fix it…

Today was my “day off”. Of course, that means I still had to do some work, but that’s only because I can’t seem to stop working now that I’m rev’d up and ready! Today is also the day I decided to decorate. Yay! When I pulled out the vacuum cleaner (I had cleaned all the filters, roller, and compartments on Weds so it would do a really great job today!) after moving out all of the furniture that was moveable and started vacuuming when I smelled something burning. Eek! I turned it off and flipped it over. Everything looked fine. And then I thought.. Oh no, did I not put the belt on right?

Ayup.. belt was melted (and still hot!). Ger-reat! Thankfully, it was easy enough to go pick up another and get back to the house to finish the job. Very nice! So far I only have the tree up, but she looks fabulous! Next will come the lights and miscellaneous decorations. I can’t wait to put up my card display holder. I loooove getting holiday cards! I’m going to start addressing mine in the next week. My goal is to have them mailed by next Saturday. It could happen!

The diet went mostly according to plan. I got caught up in the tree and missed a meal and am starting to feel hungry. I think I might toss me a little salad or go the easy route and pop in a vegetarian frozen meal. Not sure yet. Water consumption was on the ball tonight, which is always good.

I’m looking forward and trying to decide how to celebrate Yule this year. I have this one Santa candle I love using to invoke the spirit of giving and I’m making that center stage of my alter. The Goddess and the God are represented but I’m really keen on getting some greenery and holly this year. I’m going to ask my Dad if I can have some from their holly bush (more like tree!) and evergreen trees. I think that will be just what I need to finish off the decorations.

Pounds lost: 12.5 (376.5)
Daily insight: There’s nothing better than the sound of a snoring puppy snuggled on your lap.
Ounces of water consumed: 75
Steps in the right direction: 34

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