Sunday, November 14, 2010

Balance is easier said than done…

Balance is an important subject in regards to how we live our lives. Many people move through life focused in just one aspect and unknowing in other areas. This is especially true in the pagan world. I know quite a few people that live their lives from a sexual aspect… or a fire aspect. Their life is all about their sexuality and connecting sexually to other people or to their magic. What about the other elements we, as humans, possess? What about Earth? Air? Water? To have true balance we need to have equal parts of all four. (Yes, I know there are five, but I’m leaving Spirit out of this for a reason. Spirit is you, your love and compassion. And that’s assumed in this post.)

Fire: is about passion and energy.
Water: is about the subconscious mind, love, religion, intuition and emotions.
Earth: is about stability, abundance, wisdom, practicality, and prosperity.
Air: is about higher consciousness, creativeness, and thought.

I tend to be a water girl all the way. I’m all about emotions and intuition. That was never more obvious than today when my world was thrown into chaos that I created. I have a terrible habit of rushing through activities that I should have taken more slowly. I’m not talking about putting away groceries or deciding on what to make for dinner. I’m talking about decisions like… I need to take the crap out of my purse, where should I put it? And then I shove whatever was in it into some place out of the way. The problem is I keep some very important items in my purse and happened to shove those items somewhere I couldn’t remember.

I ended up panicked as I went through every drawer, every pile of paperwork in the office and even the recycle bin in my kitchen. I spent most of the day (at least 4 hours) going through everything, panicking and taking a time out, and then going through everything again. I finally found what I needed in an out of the way place. A place I rarely, if ever, shove stuff. I then spent the rest of the day trying to recover from my panic-fest.

As I sit here I realized that I did have plenty of Fire thrown in there to flame my emotional turmoil.

What I was missing was the grounding influence of earth and the memory aspect of air. I’m sure if I had chosen to go outside and lay on the ground with my hands and feet resting on the earth I could have taken in the physical reminder to ground myself and I could have slowed my breathing to inhale the warm air of the summer influenced fall day which would have helped me to think more clearly. I would have remembered sooner where I had put what I needed instead of slamming myself down on the couch and chewing my thumbnail to the quick thinking about what I was going to do if I had accidentally recycled them last week.

There’s an interesting book that I read about finding balance with the elements and what you can do in the moment or throughout the day when you realize that you’re lacking the influence of all four. I know that when the balance is within me I make better decisions and I have a different outlook on the world. I am more relaxed and far more tolerant.

I think today is a good example of the basics that I need to be working on. Starting tomorrow I’m going to start rereading this book. When I am done I will recommend it to you and post the author and title.

Pounds lost: 7.5 (381.5)
Daily insight: Personal earthquakes can really rock your boat.
Ounces of water consumed: 60
Steps in the right direction: 14

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