Monday, November 8, 2010

I’d like that extra lazy with a bit of laundry on the side…

When I woke up this morning I was shocked to find it 9am. I remembered hearing the alarm and I was sure I only hit the snooze button once before rolling over. So, there must have been an occurrence of stolen time between 610am and 9am. Of course this isn’t an episode of alien abduction. It’s just a case of the lazy-ies.

I could throw out the excuse of my back hurting (it was too) but that’s not an unusual daily event and shouldn’t have stopped me from getting out of bed. I could also use the excuse that I was still catching up from the hectic Friday/Saturday I had. That would be lame. So the truth has to be told that I woke up incredibly lazy. I moved through the day at such a snails pace that I was shocked to see that it was evening before I started laundry. Shameful! Yet… nice.

The diet today was pretty tasty because it included single servings of chicken and cheese tortellini in creamy pesto and I would have to say at least 3 servings of broccoli. Yum! What a satisfying dinner. Water consumption was excellent and I even managed to keep away from milk (a vice of mine). Milk, it seems, has become a replacement for soda. I have drunk fat free milk for the last 10+ years but the thing that most people don’t realize is that the sugar content in milk is pretty high. The lower the fat the higher the sugar. It’s a catch 22. It might be better for you in fat intake but it can smack you in the carbs department. Quelle dommage!

I’ve started to search out my books and think that I’ve found the box that contains most of them. I want to get them all out of boxes so I can really see what I have. Then I’ll be able to determine in what order I want to read them. This will allow me to start at the basics in relearning the aspects of my religion.

I remember taking part in a class in the east bay that told me magic is the practice of creating change through the conformity of will. This means that magic is successful if the will is strong enough. My teacher told me that he’d been able to hone his skills so well that he could effectively change the color of something. His example was that he was able to change the color of the paint in a room in their home. It only lasted a little while, but he did it. I was impressed with the idea and always hoped it was possible. I did not witness this change so there was the instinctual doubt, but I sure like to think that kind of power existed.

Since the very basic stems from strengthening the will I believe I am already heading down that path. Starting this journey and sticking to it will enable me to strengthen perhaps more than my will. It will strengthen my very character.

Pounds lost: 0
The need to stop thinking about soda: Immediate
Daily insight: Even if you only accomplish one thing today, at least that’s one thing less on your list for tomorrow.
Ounces of water consumed: 60
Steps in the right direction: 8

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