Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time flies…

I don’t know how the time snuck past me tonight, but before I knew it the clock said 12:30am and it was tomorrow already! I had sat down at the computer with the intent to write a short story that I was going to enter into a contest and ended up getting caught up in an email. I was asked to write a sample article for a potential employer that sent me busily researching the topic and cranking out a 300+ word article.

I admit I’ve never written an article before so I have NO idea if I even did it right. Because of that I asked the editor to please provide me feedback on it to tell me what was right and/or what I did wrong. My fingers are crossed (which would make for awkward typing, you know) that I’m better at it than I thought. Hehehe.

Today I decided it was time to get my garden in order (not realizing today was all about getting the heavy rainfall) and although I was only able to pull up my last harvest of carrots I was pleasantly surprised by how many I had! I cleaned them and divided them up so I could freeze some, give some to my sister, and put the rest in the stew I’m starting in the morning.

The rest of the day was spent on chores around the house and some indulgent TV watching. The diet went excellently today and the spiritual reawakening is right on track with my reading. I’m fighting with my sewing machine and we haven’t made up yet so my projects are still incomplete.


Tomorrow (today!) could very well be more productive. I can only hope. :)
Pounds lost: 7.2 (381.8)
Daily insight: When leaves are wet from the rain, they stick on EVERYTHING!
Ounces of water consumed: 60
Steps in the right direction: 20

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