Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The gloom doom or the rainbows, I decide…

I’ve been told in the past that when you stop something like caffeine cold turkey it can affect certain things about you. It can have physical reactions like headaches or even body aches. It can also have an emotional reaction like melancholy. Having stopped drinking soda I think I’ve officially hit the “it’s gone and you know it” phase. I feel sad, moody, and achy. I miss me soda! I also remember how this affected me the last time I quit the juice (soda) and once I hold out for another week or so these feelings will leave me. Thank goodness! To keep my will power up and my path clear I need to remain vivacious and motivated.

Mother nature has sent her calling card to remind me of her monthly visit and that has compounded the way my body feels. When I was younger I was always surprised when it was time to menstruate. It was as if I had no idea it was coming (which of course I did) and was never prepared for it. Then I read something, somewhere (I wish I could remember) that spoke about how you can be the only person that really knows what’s going on with you. A doctor is there to treat you and give you suggestions on how to care for yourself, but it’s really up to you to know what’s going on and when.

I started listening to my body. I started becoming familiar with the way certain areas of my body ached before certain things happened. I learned that when my back hurts in “that way” I needed to be gentler with myself to avoid it going out. I learned that if I lean on my elbows my fingers would go numb within 30 minutes. Ultimately, I learned the rules of my body. Understanding the different pains or different reactions helped me be better prepared. This actually helped me medically. A few years ago I had an unusual pain in my abdomen. It wasn’t the kind of pain you get when you had an intestinal issue and it wasn’t the kind of pain you get when you have the flu. It was different. I went to the ER and said something was wrong. I wasn’t running a high fever nor was I having dizzy spells or vomiting, but I was having a pain in my belly. After about an hour or two I convinced the ER doctor to check me for appendicitis. Another hour went by while I waited for a test and then another two went by before the results came in. At that point the doctor told me he wasn’t sure I was right, but there was a chance. I went into surgery.

And I was right.

After I woke up from anesthesia the doctor told me that my appendix had ruptured and if they had waited any longer than they had I would have died. The rupture had already caused several organs to be attacked and they had to clean (scrub was the word he used) them once my appendix was out. If I hadn’t known myself and I hadn’t insisted that something was wrong they would have sent me home with the usual “If you get worse come back”.

You must know yourself. You’re the only person that can save you when you need it.

I believe this knowing of yourself applies to so many aspects of our lives. If you don’t know what’s in your own heart and mind, how to do you know what you should do… and when. If you blindly follow what other people tell you, you could end up having your appendix rupture. Or your life go unfulfilled.

Choose your own path. Whether that path is a specific religion or just living your life “right”. You must know whom you are inside to make the right decision. And you should allow other people to make that same realization. Talk to each other. You might be surprised to find out just how similar your beliefs are… and that they just have different names.

Pounds lost: 0 (I need a better scale!)
Soda: Go.. away!
Daily insight: Know yourself and be your own advocate for life.
Ounces of water consumed: 60
Steps in the right direction: 9

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