Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy bee…

Today was a wonderfully busy day. I spent the day checking out possible ways to work multiple jobs from home that will supplement my income when I find an outside of the home job. There are options out there but there’s always a catch. The catch I’ve been running into is that I need a telephone landline so that I can be on the phone without service interruption. Tomorrow I’ll call the phone company and get a line installed. I was trying to avoid another bill, but sometimes you need to spend money to make money.

I’d like to be able to use all of my employment history to get several jobs (yeah right in this job market!) so that I can get the kind of income I had before I lost my job. Of course the immediate goal is to at least make as much as I’d be getting on unemployment (which is all over). I have papers coming in from my student loans stating that if I am no longer on unemployment I would need to start making payments unless I could prove undue hardship. What I think is undue hardship they might not. Ah well, I’ll keep working to source and income while they are sending me mail to tell me what I need to do. Somehow we’ll all come together.

I’m very excited about tomorrow. My sister and step-mom and I are having our “Clash of the Titans” movie-a-thon. Finally! We are going to watch the original from the 70s and then the one that was released this year. We’re also making an awesome dinner. Chicken in apricot sauce over spinach fettuccine with a salad and a dessert. Yum! It’s to celebrate my step-mom’s birthday. Yay!

I finally found a proper scale and was pleased to discover I’ve been doing pretty darn well on this diet of mine. According to the scale I’ve lost 7.5 since November 1st and I have, officially, made Thursdays my weigh in day. Excellent. I look forward to good results every Thursday from now on. My goal is to lost about 2 pounds a week which, if my math is correct, would mean I’d lose about 50 pounds every 6 months or 102 pounds a year. Naturally, if I lose more a week I will not be sad. :D

Drinking all the water I need daily is getting easier and I’ve stopped using Milk as a soda substitute. I drink, throughout the day, approximately 8 oz of milk. That’s not too bad. I don’t use milk in my meal replacement shakes and I think that helps lower my intact and since I do use water in them that increases my water intact. Hmm, I just realized that I don’t count that water in my list at the bottom of my post. I think I’ll keep it out of there and allow it to be untold bonus water consumption.

Pounds lost: 7.5 (381.5)
Daily insight: The solution is always out there, you just have to hunt it down and make it work for you.
Ounces of water consumed: 75
Steps in the right direction: 11

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