Friday, November 5, 2010

Caught up in it all…

I realized when I woke up this morning that I didn’t post anything last night. I had a busy day and lost complete track of time until it was time for my head to hit my pillow. I had a job interview in the morning and in the afternoon I took my sister a few places that she needed to go. We made plans to get back together for dinner so when I went home I had some baking to do. I made soft pretzels from scratch and took warm ones over to her place for dinner. It was lovely. When I got home I waddles to bed and fell asleep. I love busy days like that because there isn’t a single moment in the day that you can be bored.

I followed my diet very well and drank 70 ounces of water. It set a precedent for today’s activities.

This weekend is my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary. That’s such a momentous event especially since it’s no longer commonplace for people to stay together that long. My sister and I decided to create a gift for them and today has been all about completing the project. She created the embroidery design and I’ve been embroidering it. My fingers are stiff, let me tell you. I decided to take a break so I could post and since it’s so late I’m not going to be as long winded as I usually am.

Today I did very well on my diet and had each of my 5 small meals. I also drank all of my water and neatly avoided the soda isle when I went shopping for groceries. I picked up lots of greens for the daily salad and stocked up on packages of albacore in water. It’s very important for us to get our Omega-3 in our diet and although I’m not a huge fan of seafood I know it’s important so I make sure I do eat the fish I can tolerate.

Since my project time has been taken up with my embroidery I did not get a chance to work on any of my existing projects today. Tomorrow is the anniversary party so it’s likely that I will not work on any tomorrow either. So, when Sunday comes around I’ll be available once again to stay on task.

The weather has started to turn cold and the trees are a flame in all of their autumn glory. It is a sight that I missed living in Southern California and every time I step outside I smile. I’m blessed to be back home where the seasons change and I can see our Creators all around.

Pounds lost: 0
Soda’s craved after: Dozens!
Daily insight: We do silly things for the people we love.
Ounces of water consumed: 70
Steps in the right direction: 5

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