Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving of thanks; Pagan style…

Today is the day, at least in the US, where giving thanks is not only a requirement but also a joy. You are given the chance to really express how you feel about your family and friends that you may not feel you can any other time of the year. Why is that? We should allow ourselves to have thanksgiving all year long (without the food!) and never let our loved ones forget what they mean to us.

I wanted to share with you a solitary ritual of thanks that was written by Scott Cunningham that I found a few years ago. I really liked the simplicity of the ritual and the symbolism behind it. The original posting of this article can be found at:

Solitary Ritual of Thanks

From Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham

(You alone will know when to perform this ritual. It can be done at any phase of the moon, during the day or night, whenever needed.)

You’ll need one large white or pink bowl; one white candle; water; small, fresh flowers (white blooms are best) and one piece of white cotton cloth.

Place the bowl on the altar (or on any table). If desired, cast a circle. Affix the white candle to the center of the bowl with warmed beeswax or with drippings from another white candle (so that the bowl acts as a candle holder).

Pour water into the bowl. Float the fresh flowers on the surface of the water. Light the candle.

Visualize your reason for the ritual; remember why you’re thanking the Goddess and God. Touch the water on both sides of the candle with your fingertips, saying these or similar words:
Lady of the Moon, of the stars and the Earth;
Lord of the Sun, of the forests and the hills;
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flame;
My love floats like the petals
Upon You.
Lady of the Waters, of flowers and the sea;
Lord of the Air, of horns and of fire;
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flame;
My love floats like the petals
Upon You.
Lady of the Caves, of cats and snakes;
Lord of the Plains, of falcons and stags;
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flame;
My love floats like the petals
Upon You.

Look into the candle’s flame, then down into the water. Blow gently upon the water’s surface and watch the flowers’ movements. Meditate. Commune. Thank.

When it’s time, remove the petals from the water. Place them in the center of the white cotton cloth. Wrap the cloth around the petals. If you’ve cast a circle, close it now. End your rite of thanks by quenching the candle’s flame, pouring the water onto the ground and burying the flowers in the Earth. It is done.

I also really like that it’s clearly stated that you can use this ritual whenever you feel like it. There’s no set time, moon or sun phase, or corresponding herbal influence. Although I know those things matter when it comes to connecting with the divine I appreciate the simplicity that allows us to commune with our heavenly parents when we feel the desire and need to. Only you can really know when it is the right time to speak to the Mother and Father.

Today was a wonderful day filled with family, great food, and super double fun times playing a dance game on Xbox Kinect. I saw moves I didn’t think my family could do! Hehe.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I went to weight myself and discovered I had lost 4 pounds, exactly. Thank goodness for that because my plan for today went out the window. I can proudly say that I didn’t go back for seconds and I didn’t completely clean my plate. I also didn’t eat my dessert, but I did bring it home with me.

Pounds lost: 11.2 (377.8)
Daily insight: There’s nothing better than spending time with those you love.
Ounces of water consumed: 80
Steps in the right direction: 25

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