Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yuletime cheer…

This is the first year, in a long time, that I’ve been excited about decorating and having my home filled with yuletime cheer. I’ve been counting the days until the 1st of December. I set a rule a loooong time ago that I wouldn’t decorate until December. I never understood why people threw up a tree and lights the day after Thanksgiving.

But I’m soooo anxious! Er, excited. I can’t wait to decorate this year. I know it has something to do with being home after a long absence from home. This year is going to be sooo wonderful! I think it will be more so because it’s the kind of holiday most people wouldn’t want. With the hit my family has taken with the loss of jobs and incomes none of us can afford to shop, so we decided to do a “secret santa” and make the presents we give.

Last year I went overboard and made pajamas for every member of my family. I ended up making 15 different sets and it took me almost 2 months. I promised not to do that again. It was just too much work. But I admit I love seeing that my family does wear the PJs I made and enjoys them.

I am sooo looking forward to the holiday season with my family. I always love the sparkling lights and smells of evergreen boughs.

Oooh, hurry December 1st. Hurry!

Pounds lost: 11.2 (377.8)
Daily insight: Patience is a.. Oh, who am I kidding. Hurry! Hehe
Ounces of water consumed: 75
Steps in the right direction: 30

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