Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Putting my foot down…

I must have checked my email today at least 2 dozen times. I keep hoping that I’ll hear from a prospective employer about a job that I’ve applied for or was interviewed for, but no such email has found its way into my inbox. Frustrating! It can be difficult to keep putting yourself out there without any response, but I know that right now I’m not the only one facing this challenge. This is the first time in my life where I didn’t have a new job before transitioning from the old job. I feel… scattered. Every day I wake up hoping to see an improvement in the unemployment situation in California, but opportunity is moving at a snails pace right now.


I currently have several projects going in an attempt to find a way to make money. I’ve even gone back to doing survey’s online. So far, the surveys have been crap and/or I never qualify for them. It’s not the same doing that any more. One survey I started asked questions that seemed more like they were trying to figure out what my secret password for my account might be rather than asking me about products. I ended it in the middle. No thanks.

My frustrations over a lack of income aside, today was my step-mom’s birthday. I enjoyed calling her to wish her a happy birthday and to make plans to get together later in the week. I love birthdays. I’ve always looked at them as “special days”. Days that only belong to the person having the birthday.

In my faith there’s a lot of talk about new beginnings and how there are so many ways to begin change. I look at birthdays as a person’s own private New Year. As you start the new year of your life you’re getting the chance to do so much. You can continue down the same path you were on the year before, or make a change. You can create your own personal resolutions to complete throughout the next year of your life.

Our personal calendars run from our birthday and it’s up to us to count through the days and years as we see fit. Every year on my birthday I make plans for what I want in the next year. I might even write them out to solidify them. And at the end of my year I look back to see what I accomplished or gave up or started again. There’s no reason why you can’t revisit with your wants and needs more than once a year. Mundane New Year, Pagan New Year, or your personal New Year.

Pounds lost: 0 (I’ll have an answer tomorrow)
Soda: Last time on this list
Daily insight: Celebrate everything big or small and you’ll always have something to be happy about.
Ounces of water consumed: 70
Steps in the right direction: 10

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